Proofreading & Editing



According to, the minimum 300 words in 12 point Times New Roman type with 1.5 spacing between lines are equal to exactly ONE PAGE.  If you have ONLY one page, the total charge would be €5 to cover all the transaction fees.

0.015€/word:   300 -  5000 words

0.013€/word: 5001 - 15000 words 

(~13% discount)

0.011€/word: > 15000 words (~27% discount)


The due dates will vary depending on the type of proofreading and editing required (academic/technical/literary/textbook, etc.), the number of words, and the client's own due date.  Please contact us here for a free quote.  

What's the difference between proofreading and editing?

Proofreading is the process of correcting grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other language errors so that the document is ready for publication.  It also ensures that the language and formatting are consistent.

Editing, on the other hand, involves making changes and suggestions that will improve the overall quality of a piece of writing regarding language use and expression.  Errors in logic and all kinds of inconsistencies that are detected will be called to the attention of the writer.  The writer may choose to accept these editing changes, or not.  In the end, all the editor does is call attention to the language that may be misunderstood because of the way that it is being used.

We can proofread and edit essays, articles, dissertations, speeches, presentations, academic papers, textbooks, resumes, curriculum vitae, and even short stories and novels if there is such a need.  It would be very interesting to receive short stories and novels to offer the authors our reader's point of view.  We are always willing to challenge ourselves.

Both Robert and I have experience proofreading and editing academic papers and articles from university professors from South Korea and Thailand.  From our experience, we usually do a lot more proofreading (about 80%) than editing (about 20%) especially if the documents we receive are highly scientific in nature.  As a rule, we write comments and offer alternate ways of expression when we cannot understand something clearly enough.   In the end, the author is responsible for the final version of the document.  If there is something that is extremely unclear, we make sure we let the author know this so he/she can make the appropriate changes.


We also offer a Certificate of Editing that clearly states that the manuscript was edited for proper English language, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and overall style, and neither the research content nor the author's intentions were altered in any way during the editing process.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.  

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