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  • Howdy everyone! Here we are!

    We have finally uploaded a video on our YouTube channel that features our introduction as a presentation. We hope this video will be good listening practice for everyone. #onlineenglishtutoring, #studyenglishonline, #tutorpresentation, #tutorintroduction, #listeningtoenglishonline, #studyingenglishonyoutube

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  • Getic Fiery Crystal X Online English Tutoring

    Tina & Robert Hello, everyone. Welcome to our website! Click on the photo to enlarge it. Tina Hello, everyone! Welcome to our website! I am Tina, the co-owner of this site and the tutor/teacher/language coach you will meet about 80% of the time. Please click the link below to go to our credentials! Click on the photo to enlarge it. Tina & Robert We're looking forward to talking to you soon during the FREE 15-minute Zoom, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, or Skype video consultation/instruction session! See you then! Click on the photo to enlarge it. Tina & Robert Hello, everyone. Welcome to our website! Click on the photo to enlarge it. 1/12 Request a FREE CHAT consultation !!! Please read the EU Regulated Privacy Statement BEFORE sending us a message. Thank you. Submit Thanks for submitting! About Us Hello, dear learners and lovers of the English language. We are Tina and Robert - a Romanian-Canadian and American couple presently living in Romania. We are very pleased to introduce ourselves to you before we get to know you a little better in your 15-minute FREE video consultation on Zoom, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, or Skype . We have worked and lived in Asia specifically in South Korea and Thailand for almost 22 years. Between the two of us, we have about 42 years language teaching and tutoring/coaching experience. You may want to check out our education background as well as our teaching experience under the heading Our Credentials . We have also traveled extensively in many places in Asia. Both Robert and I enjoy bicycling, traveling, reading, listening to music, watching movies, actively learning about many topics such as philosophy, ancient history, architecture, archeology, mythology, sociology, linguistics, astrology, divination arts and psychology, and keeping up with world news on economy and politics. As a result of these interests, our sessions will reflect our perspectives on many of these subjects. We hope we can help you to polish your English skills for whatever reasons you may have. Welcome to our site! CMD & RJK ​ Different Learners Require Different Approaches to Learning The reason you are looking for a private teacher/tutor is because you would like someone to teach/tutor you in a way that fits your special needs and requirements. Private teaching and/or tutoring is for learners who are very much interested in fast improvement according to their abilities. Some learners may be good at listening and speaking, but have really big challenges with reading and writing. Others may be the opposite of what I just described. In the end, every learner knows his/her strengths and weaknesses no matter his/her level of language. We will be able to assess your level and needs during the 15-minute FREE video Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype or WhatsApp consultation before you decide to pay for a specific plan. You may want to check out our style of teaching here . Individualized, Customized ​Learning ​Plans To get an individualized and customized learning plan, just send us a request for a 15-minute chat, and we can advise you on how we can help you with your specific English language needs. You may want to check out our Teaching Style as well as the type of courses we are offering. Our teaching/tutoring/coaching is not based off of any specific textbooks or materials per se, but rather based on material that is already readily available on the internet . Although the communicative method is very effective for improving fluency, word usage accuracy and pronunciation, we feel that it does not improve grammatical accuracy. As a result, we highly appreciate the Azar Grammar series textbooks and workbooks, which we find extremely useful and efficient in teaching communicative grammar and guided conversation to all EFL levels - A1 to C2. Of course, we already have access to many other textbooks and materials because we have been teaching English overseas for so many years. We will make available the materials that each learner needs once the learner has decided to choose one of our plans. Just make sure to browse our website very carefully, contact us for a chat , and then we can schedule a FREE 15-minute video session on Zoom, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, or Skype right before you decide to buy one of our plans. We are looking forward to meeting you very soon!!! Our Philosophy of Learning and Teaching Because we traveled extensively and lived abroad for so many years, both Robert and I have extensive foreign language learning and teaching experience. As a teenager growing up in Canada, I have vivid memories of learning French, the second official language in that country. Robert, on the other hand, had experience learning some Spanish in the United States. Both of us remember very well how we struggled with learning Korean and Thai to the best of our abilities. Due to infrequent practice, my Korean has stayed at the higher beginner level, and my Thai is just low beginner level, but my French has remained at a high intermediate to advanced level. Two important factors in maintaining language proficiency are frequent practice and cultural involvement . It is so much easier for a person to remember a language if he/she is actively engaged in the songs, stories, movies and lifestyle that are associated with that language. ​ One can practice a new language anywhere, but the practice only improves fluency (comfort and ease of speaking) , but not necessarily correct grammar, word usage and pronunciation . An experienced teacher and/or tutor/coach will always correct a learner's mistakes and give pointers on how to remember not to make those mistakes again as well as how to self-correct. The best way to learn a language is by immersing oneself in the culture of that language specifically through reading literature, listening to music and understanding lyrics, as well as watching movies and understanding the context of the plots and so on. As a result, our focus is on helping learners to use all the free English language resources presently found on the internet and to guide them to become self-motivated and self-educated. We feel every learner should be encouraged to improve at his/her own pace of learning. If you would like to know more about this, you may want to watch the video below which presents Krishnamurti's views on education with which we also highly resonate. We are not reinventing or branding the teaching of EFL in any way. However, we are very serious about helping learners to reach their personal goals through our motto: "Polish yourselves with Getic Fiery Crystal X!" A learner is like a crystal - rough and jagged at the beginning. By the end of the course, the fire in the belly or the desire or ambition of the learner will polish those jagged and coarse surfaces to make the learner similar to a smooth precious stone . We are all rough and jagged crystals at the beginning. Through the burning fire of our desire to improve ourselves, we can become a wonderfully smooth precious stone. This is what we hope we can do for you - help you to polish your English language skills through diligent practice and effort, so that you can reach a more native level, or as close as possible to being considered a near native. We are waiting for learners of all levels, but we prefer to work with learners who are at least high beginner or low intermediate levels and can already understand English fairly well. For a more comprehensive teaching style description, click here ! We are very eager to become your teacher, tutor or language coach as soon as you are ready! ​ Online Materials Excellent Listening & Speaking Material ESL Fast - This website has so much well-prepared material, it's mind-boggling. I can't praise it enough. I have been using it in my classes for the past 10 years since I returned to Asia to teach again. ​ Click Here Excellent Grammar & Writing Material English for Everyone - This is such a wonderfully prepared website, I am at a loss for words. I have been using materials from here for at least 10 years now. I highly recommend that you use it as well. ​ Click Here Excellent Pronunciation Material I have been using York University's Eric Armstrong's "Voice and Speech Source" website in my pronunciation classes for the past 10 years. It's an amazing resource! ​ Click Here Excellent Reading Material I have been using the Rong Chang website in my reading and listening classes for the past 10 years. It's a very rich resource for all levels of English and for all ages! ​ Click Here Excellent Beginner Reading, Listening & Pronunciation Material The YouTube Bookbox Inc.'s Animal Stories in American English are perfect for high beginning and intermediate level learners who are practicing reading, listening and pronunciation at the same time. ​ Click Here Excellent Cultural Resources is perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced students who are interested in practicing listening and conversational English through many cultural topics. I have used this site in my classroom very often in the past. Click Here Excellent Resources from Our YouTube Channel Our YouTube channel is perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced students who are interested in practicing listening and conversational English through many cultural topics. Robert and I have put a lot of effort into making content for our students here. Make sure to remember to subscribe and give us many thumbs up. Thank you. Click Here Testimonials Tina tutored me in daily conversation the first time I visited Canada in 1997. I will always remember how much devotion she put into every conversation class. She didn't just have a conversation with me. She corrected my pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and she gave me explanations every single time. At that time, Cristina was just a beginning tutor. By this time, her experience has grown so much more because of her teaching in different kinds of institutions of higher learning. " " — Danny from Seoul, South Korea Robert tutored me about 10 years ago in 2009 when I was a high school student. He was very patient and mainly helped me with basic conversation, grammar and pronunciation. He really enjoyed talking about music and movies, which I also like a lot. I studied with him 1-on-1 for a year, and at the end, I felt more confident and comfortable in my abilities to understand and speak English well. " " — Sunny from Anyang, South Korea Robert tutored me in free conversation for about 9 months in 2018. As a result of listening to him and speaking with him, I have been able to improve my grammar and fluency. I didn't just learn about how to use English, but also about many various topics that I had absolutely no idea about before. I highly recommend him for those who love learning something new every day. " " — Tim from Chiang Mai, Thailand " Tina tutored me briefly for about a month in 2019, but I already could feel the benefits of her teaching, which were not only linguistic in nature, but also very philosophical. I met both Tina and Robert at Tim's coffee shop, and I am really glad I was able to talk to them and practice my English. We share a great deal of interests, one of which is mythology. Tina understood why I chose my nickname Loki. " — Loki from Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Pricing, Payment & Booking | Getic Fiery Crystal X Online English Tutoring

    PAYMENT & BOOKING Class Scheduling: Our time zone is GMT+2 (Eastern European) and GMT+3 (Eastern European Daylight Savings Time) . Our business hours are: Monday - Friday: 6 :00 – 21:00 (6 AM - 9 PM) Saturday: 8:00 – 16:00 (8 AM - 4 PM) Sunday: CLOSED Plans & Pricing BEFORE placing your order, choose one of our plans below. For Currency Converter click HERE ! Place your order right here! Please fill out ALL the required fields. We will contact you back with payment options within 24 hours. Thank you for your understanding. Select a Plan arrow&v How many hours would you like to study? arrow&v Which communication platform(s) would you like to use? Zoom Microsoft Teams Google Hangouts Skype Submit Request Thanks for submitting your order!

  • Our Services | Getic Fiery Crystal X Online English Tutoring

    OUR SERVICES We offer the following services: ​ 1. Private Teaching/Tutoring/Coaching Services Contact us to book a FREE 15-minute Zoom, Google Hangout, WhatsApp, or Skype video consultation/instruction session for you BEFORE you decide to buy any of our plans!!! We teach/tutor/coach learners who are at least 10 years old . Minors (learners between 10 and 17 years old) should ask their parents to contact us about the FREE 15-minute video session for them before committing to any of the plans on the Plans & Pricing page. Minors younger than 14 years old should also be accompanied by their parents during this introductory session. Click HERE to find more information about our COURSES ! ​ 2. Proofreading and Editing Services ​ Click HERE to find out more information about our rates, discounts, and the types of writing with which we can help you. If you still haven't found answers to your questions, you might want to check out the FAQs HERE !!! ​ Below, you may see the complete set of plans that we are offering, as well as our Terms and Conditions . Click on each of the slices to find out more information. You may also order these plans HERE once you have contacted us and decided on the most adequate plan for you !!! Make sure to subscribe to our Facebook page to keep up with all the changes. NEW Green Update NEW Red NEW Yellow NEW Blue NEW White NEW Violet Rules Plan Requirements Read these plan requirements very carefully before you purchase one of our plans. Aikido's Morihei Ueshiba My love for Aikido brings me back to personal responsibility. Please check out our Terms and Conditions at the link BELOW BEFORE you purchase any one of our plans. We hope to see you soon.

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